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Company Description

The Fisheries Commission is the implementing agency of the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development (MoFAD). We are constituted to be the actualizing force behind policies and regulations established by MoFAD. We are therefore responsible for all monitoring, control, surveillance, evaluation, and compliance functions in all areas of fisheries development and management in Ghana, including fish health, post-harvest activities, safety, and quality assurance.

Our work at the Fisheries Commission is guided by MoFAD’s policies and regulations, and we also provide valuable feedback to MoFAD to inform future policies.

To effectively and efficiently perform our mandate, we are organized internally into five (5) divisions and four (4) units, namely:

  1. Marine Fisheries Management Division (MFMD)

  2. Inland Fisheries Management Division (IFMD)

  3. Fisheries Scientific Survey Division (FSSD)

  4. Monitoring, Control, and Surveillance Division (MCSD)

  5. Operations and Administration Divisions (OAD)

  6. Fish Health Unit (FHU)

  7. Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (MEU)

  8. Post-Harvest Unit (PHU)

  9. Projects Unit (PU)

We are hiring!!!

The Commission currently has a number of open positions and is seeking the expertise of suitably qualified Ghanaians to fulfil these positions.

We hereby invite applications from qualified Ghanaians for the various vacancies.

Please consult our application checklist for what you need to successfully complete the application process.

Application Checklist

Please have the following documents ready before you begin an application:

  • A passport size photo in PNG or JPEG format, taken not more than3 months ago.
  • Application letter in PDF/PNG/JPEG format
  • Résumé or C.V. in PDF/PNG/JPEG format
  • National Service Certificate in PDF/PNG/JPEG format (or a valid NSS identification number)
  • Relevant educational certificates in PDF/PNG/JPEG format
  • Relevat professional certificates in PDF/PNG/JPEG format
  • The names and contact details of two (2) persons who are not your relatives but who know you very well and who assent to act as your referees

With these documents available, proceed to the application page to complete and submit the application form.

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